The site for the bonus program of the Evrodom company. The program allows the clients of the company to get discounts on the goods and services of different companies. City: Moscow, 2014, web-link: http://evdom-bonus.ru . On this website were employed: the catalogue of the company and a form of card activation. cms Wordpress. The resource is completely adaptive and is optimized for smartphones, mini-tabs, tablets, PCs and other gadgets and it automatically adjusts to any screen from which it is loaded. Project head manager, desiner : Ivan Voitkov . Programmers : Ivan Voitkov, Artem Komarov.

Smart Apple

Website: http://do-u-speak-english.ru . Cms: uWeb. City: Ekaterinburg, Website start-up: 2014 Program modules: 1. Online payment service – allows to pay online for the company services. 2. The section “What’s new” . This is the possibility to add company news. The section consists of a main page with the list of all materials in brief and a separate page for each material. There is also an informer on the main page of the site that shows two of the lately posted materials in brief form with the buttons “read further”. 3. Blog ...

Polyus mebeli

Catalogue web-site for the furniture store. The republic of Belarus, Minsk. Created in 2014. http://polusmebeli.by Site’s cms: OpenCart. Among the specific requests of a client was the possibility of paging the materials in a catalogue by clicking the button “next photo”


Elaboration of an Internet store for a company that specializes in plumbing and heating equipment. Design is provided by the customer. City: Moscow. Web-link: http://consolamini.com . Site’s cms: Wordpress. Developer site: Artem Komarov.

Vosmoe zhelanie

Reworks of a Beauty salon site. The task involved editing of the template layout, rework of the section “services and prices”, creation of sections “store” and “beauty news”. Moscow, 2014. Weblink: http://8oe.ru .


Creation of a number of forms for Tallanto.com Tallanto is an international holding company. Among its business interests are software development for training centers, advertising and marketing in regard to private training centers. 1. Dial-back form. Sending a message on administrator’s e-mail and an error message when completing a form. The AJAX technology is applied to send messages and check the accuracy of completing a form without refreshing a page. 2. Choose what interests you the most and get it to your e-mail at once...

Wine Box

Elaboration of an Internet store selling wine coolers, boxes, humidors. City: Moscow, Saint Petersburg. Weblink: http://wine-box.ru . Site’s cms – 1c-Bitrix Design engineer: Artem Komarov


Layout and hosting a site at cms uCoz. Design is provided by the customer. 2014. City: Moscow. Weblink: http://www.td-redut.ru/ The following was worked out: 1. Internet store. Catalogue and product pages, a shopping cart, an ordering page, search on the store. 2. News. Page with the summary of the news, a page for each separate piece of news, an informer with the news on the main page. 3. Common site pages. Contacts, delivery. During the layout the design was revised as the design given by the customer didn’t take into consideration the specific features of this system...

Destion, layout

Layout of several blocks of the mail page in accordance with the design provided by the client. 2014. You can view the layout here: http://argon-studio.ru/argst_old/portfolio/destion/# Layout designer: Ivan Voitkov.


Site for DreamBox. Moscow. Created in 2014. Site address: http://dreambox-msk.ru This company rents out photobooths for holidays, company parties, wedding parties and other occasions. Program modules: Gallery, party photos News. Catalogue of pages with the possibility to make new pages and edit the content of those that already exist using a convenient visual editor (no programming and layout skills are required). All new pages are automatically added to the menu. There is also a possibility to edit the content of the menu, no special skills are needed. Contact form and dial-back form...

Layout for company Ruderis

Layout of the site main page for a company from Ufa that deals with trash pickup. 2014. Design was provided by the customer. Adaptive layout, the site is optimized for smartphones and PCs; mini-tabs/tablets were of no clients concern. One of the requirements was the use of bootstrap. As far as the design given by the client was worked out without considering the sizes necessary for this framework (container), then on agreement with the client both our own styles and bootstrap styles were used...

Argon Studio, 2 site

Previous site of the Argon Studio from 2013. View full- size at: http://argon-studio.ru/sites/default/files/portfolio/argon-studio2_0.png . The task was to inform the customers about the nature of Argon Studio business, to provide the customers with the contact details, to demonstrate the examples of projects. Program modules: Examples of executed projects, portfolio Ajax contact form that sends messages and uploads error information without page reloading. Css3 was applied...

Banners for ee24

Site: http://ee24.ru A period from autumn 2012 up to and including spring 2013 was marked by the work with the Portal ee24. I was engaged in development of portal interfaces, in designing, in creating simple and flash banners. The banners were set at ee24, dp.ru, fontanka.ru and other platforms. Flash banners contain special code for statistic system that counts clicks on a banner, and also for each banner a stub was prepared which occurred in case a user doesn’t have flash. All in all about twenty banners were created. Here are some examples: Flash banner, 240x400 , vertical rectangle...

Design for ee24

Site: http://ee24.ru A period from autumn 2012 up to and including spring 2013 was marked by the work with the Portal ee24. I was engaged in development of portal interfaces, in designing, in creating simple and flash banners. Among the illustrations of this work there is an example of design of a service for the realtors’ private accounts that allows them to check who of the portal users showed interest in their offers. Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov


Site for travel agency “Ze-Travel” Start-up: 2013, Website: http://zetravel.ru/ Elaboration of a site in Saint Petersburg. One of the design requirements was to create bright and luscious picture using the images of the world most popular touristic places. In addition to the proper program modules, there was also set the search module слетать.ру that allows to search for available tours without leaving the site of Ze-Travel. Hundreds of pages were created for the site...

Sdobny Dom

Internet store for the company Sdobny Dom. Start-up: 2012. “Sdobny dom” is one of the largest companies specialized in the supply of deep-frozen bakery products and in the organization of mini-bakeries in the region of Ural and Siberia. Program modules: 1. Internet store (catalogue, shopping cart, price-list) 2. Site search 3. News. Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov


Business-card site for the start-up company EmoPulse. Set in action:2012. Website: http://emopulse.com/ A site for a startup company specializing in elaboration of smartwatches. These watches/bracelets combine the functions of a smartphone and wrist-wearable medical diagnostic center. Development at the Apple or Google Glass level. Site creator, designer: Ivan Voitkov

Triumf Ural

Site for the company “Triumf Ural”. Set in action: 2012 Website: http://triumf-ural.ru/ Ekaterinburg. The company “Triumf Ural” is a fire retardant agents supplier. Among its clients are Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk airports, AvtoVAZ, Gazprom. Program modules: 1. Gallery/Portfolio 2. Dial-back module Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov

Atlant Story

Business card site for “Atlant Story” company Start-up: 2012. Ekaterinburg. Simple site aimed at informing about company services and at attracting new clients using contextual advertising. “Atlant Story” company performs sanitary engineering works and diamond drilling. Program modules: 1. Guest book. Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov


Portal “Scorp Center” Made in 2011. Website: http://scorp.pro I created the first version of this resource back in the 2008, before the Argon Studio was founded. Back then it functioned mainly as a forum. In 2011 its functions were significantly extended. List of program modules: 1. Site news. - Catalogue of proper materials - Integration of video broadcasting of several popular full-time TV news channels with the possibility of choice and online viewing...


City internet portal, Ugorsk Start-up 2011. The portal was created as a platform for citizens to interact and place the advertisements. Program module: 1. Forum 2. News 3. Users (registration/authorization on the site, personal account for the administrator and users) 4. Catalogue of advertisements. 5. Mobile site version. 6. Catalogue of city businesses. 7. Contact form. Besides, the following modules were integrated: weather module, Yandex maps, time and date module. Advertising block was planned. Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov

Eda na dom

Elaboration of the Internet store in Ekaterinburg. Start-up: 2010. Internet store for the company specializing in home-delivery of foodstuff. Program modules: 1. Internet store (catalogue, shopping cart, price-list). 2. Site search. 3. Users (registration/authorization on the site, personal account for the administrator and users). 4. Guest book. Design engineer, designer: Ivan Voitkov

Argon Studio, 1 site

Previous version of Argon Studio site, 2010 This is the first site with the Argon Studio logo, all the projects launched before that I created on an amateur basis. In this portfolio there is only one of those projects – Scorp – considering that design and functionality were of the year 2011. Undoubtedly, this site is now obsolete and some elements of design were poorly-made, but it can be excused considering it was the first attempt. List of program modules: 1. Internet store (catalogue, shopping cart, price list). 2. Site search and the connected tag cloud. 3. Portfolio. 4...