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№1 (June 24, 2013)

"Dear partners! We are presenting you a new project of our real estate portal - News Digest. Every fortnight we will select the most interesting publications and share information about the statistics of visits and website’s changes.

Our portal is developing rapidly, so, for your convenience we will regularly inform you about all the innovations that contribute to better promotion of properties. As for newsletters, they will contain a brief summary and main subjects of the most interesting publications on the site (news, articles and interviews). Enjoy your reading!"

Anastasia Grishina, project director

Information block (ee24 Daily):
Disturbances in Turkey at Taksim Gezi Park will not tell on local real estate market. Kemal Tufan, director of the Turkish leading real estate & consultancy agency Tufan Properties, is sure about that. According to him, the rapid rise in property prices in Turkey will continue in the future due to long-term construction projects.
Another stable real estate market in Europe is in Germany. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is intending to restrain interest rates in order to win the election in autumn 2013. You can read a story about the situation on real estate market in the most developed European country in article.
Quite different problems worry the Spanish government that is going to attract big foreign investments in exchange for a residence permit. Since July, 2013 in the Pyrenees, the law concerning "Golden visa" for €500 000 will come into force.
Apart from Spain, there will be changes regarding the rules of obtaining a residence permit in Malta. Since July, 2013 the application for a visa will take less time, and minimal property price that allows non-residents of European Union to obtain a residence permit on the sunny Mediterranean island will be reduced to €275 000 from the current €400 000.
A positive trend can be seen in Italy. Despite the index decrease year in, year out, the fall in prices in big cities is slowing down. Experts hope that real estate market will stabilize in the nearest future
The demand for real estate will be still supported by foreign customers – from Germany, Great Britain and Russia
A situation that does not seem very positive is observed in France where the government is going to affect the real estate market. The following text will tell you about the development prospects up to 2017 At the same time real estate prices in Paris remain high due to the demand from foreign customers. Vendors are not intending to lower the prices disregarding this challenging time.
Meanwhile, a mansion in Carlton House Terrace in London has been put up for sale for £250 million (€293,7 million). The building, situated in the exclusive area of Westminster, is the most expensive property in Great Britain. That’s where the crisis does not seem to exist!
Local architects in Holland are intending to make a revolution in real estate market by building the first in the world house, constructed with the help of a huge 3D-printer which occupies the whole workshop. It is still far from real surprise: the Dutch specialists have just started to measure and create test details. So future is already close to us!

Changes that took place on Internal news.

  • Since the start of June and till the end of July we have been upgrading the catalog. We are performing site optimization that allows to attract new potential customers as much as possible. Besides, there is one more tab on each announcement’s page – seller’s contact information.
  • New properties in Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Germany etc. have been added in June 2013. The geographical spread of our partners is widening. First properties in Austria have been placed on the portal in June.
  • Website traffic is growing steadily: in April, 2013 - 23 217 visitors (148 434 views), in May - 26 575 (163 012), and in the first half of June a rapid traffic growth has been registered: from 1st to 15th June there were 20 455 visitors (132 811 views). According to the forecast, traffic growth in June 2013 will be 56,8% on a monthly basis. In average, every new visitor spends 6 minutes 35 seconds and views about 6-7 pages.
  • We are carrying out the promotion of the portal through external sources: in June – in major social and business sites "Vedomosti" ( and "Forbes" ( For the second month we are cooperating closely with the leading business newspaper "Delovoy Peterburg" (, where we have our own webpage "Foreign Real Estate" as well as publications in the section "Real Estate". The pages are updated daily.
  • In the nearest future we will launch our own page on a leading information website "", where we will place not only advertizing banners of properties but also articles about European real estate market development tendencies.
  • Besides cooperation with information portals, our website carries out active advertising campaigns in such major search engines as and
  • You can find us in leading social networks and subscribe to the portal’s news: Facebook, Twitter, "VKontakte" .

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